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2003 Vinson Quadrunner 4x4, 500 Quadmatic (LT-A500F)

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2003 Vinson Quadrunner 4x4, 500 Quadmatic (LT-A500F)

friedmullet friedmullet
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 01/14
Posted: 01/01/14
09:13 PM

Problems began with intermittent rough idle accompanied by exhaust pipe at head glowing red. Usually after shutting off and allowing to cool, it would run fine. Then things got worse......only crank up and run with choke fully on. Only run for about 2 minutes like this and then after shutting off, almost impossible to start at all. If while running,I would try to slide choke back or rev throttle, then it would shut off.

I have cleaned carb, fuel tank, and fuel control valve (auto shutoff type with vacumn line: ON, RES, PRI settings). Also installed carb rebuild kit from except for main in kit was an odd shape that did not look like original.

I have read in this forum that valve adjustment is sometimes needed with problems like I am having? What happens to the valve adjustment?

I could sure use some ideas about how to fix. Thanks.  

friedmullet friedmullet
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 01/14
Posted: 01/12/14
05:40 PM

I removed the 2 valve inspection caps and now understand that this single cylinder (500cc) engine has 2 sets of valves (4 valves total). How do you tell which valves are intake valves and which are exhaust valves? Is the rear set the intake and the front set the exhaust?
When I line up the line on the generator rotor inside the TDC plug hole with the mark on the outside of the crankcase cover, does that guarantee that the engine is at TDC? Or could it still be off by 180 degrees?