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Working on a No Start & No Light Situation on old Honda Fourtrax

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Working on a No Start & No Light Situation on old Honda Fourtrax

mikelm14 mikelm14
Guru | Posts: 895 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 12/27/13
07:31 PM

My father wanted me to work on his Fourtrax. The instrument lights(neutral, reverse, oil temp indicator lights) and start button were working but suddenly stopped working. I told him to charge the battery and then have it tested nearby, battery was good. Due to a hack job he bought a used switch cluster off ebay that includes start switch, kill switch and lighting switches and also a new ignition switch. I didn't understand the ignition switch but I routed the wires for it since he bought it and then the switch cluster wires were connected. I then asked him why did I need to put the ignition switch in and he replied I thought that was the problem.

So after that I retested the battery 12.95V then unplugged ignition switch red wire, tested the red wire going towards battery 0 volts. I accessed 20a fuse and tested wire before fuse 12.95V, on wire on other side of fuse 12.45V. I thought that was odd so I took out the fuse, fuse was melted some on the side but inside looked to be intact. When I tested the fuse in ohms I got nothing, got another fuse and tested it, it ohmed out at 0 which it should. I put the new fuse in, reconnected the ignition switch red wire and turned the key on. Starter now working and all instrument lights also working. Problem solved, now to start on the next one of it not charging the battery. Voltage regulator has failed testing.
Thought I would share with you guys.  

300honda 300honda
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/28/13
01:18 PM

My bike is doing the same thing! But im not the best at working on stuff like that yet, I'm only 15.. So, Is it the battery or all the wires and fuses and stuff? Would be a good idea if I just took it in to a shop?