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chinese import atv 90cc electric and carb problem

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chinese import atv 90cc electric and carb problem

chicrfc chicrfc
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/19/12
01:45 PM

Hi their,my boys quad has been in storage for a year iv tried to start it but have encountered the following problems with it
1-when i press the brake without pressing the starter,the starter motor comes on.thats either brake,and it tries to start.
2-petrol seems to be leaking from the overflow hose.this hose seems to have been placed incorrectly as it was running over the top of the engine and has melted,however,i got another bit of pipe but the petrol keeps trickling out,does this mean the floats have jammed in the carb? ps how much should acctualy come out the overflow? iv been ajusting the air/fuel intake would this have a bearing on this?
i did get it started after jumping it off my car,but whenever the brake is pressed you can hear a whirring from the starter.would this probably be wires corroded and touching at some place?

thanks for reading,was wondering if anybody had any these problems and how they resolved them.the quad has been used in total about 9 hours in its 2 year life time.
kind regards charlie  

jrryan jrryan
New User | Posts: 18 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/20/12
08:28 PM

Sitting up a year is a dead givaway on the carb, float needle is stuck. A good cleaning will solve that problem.

On the electric your start button is stuck or fully engaged. The system works by turning on the key which sends 12Vdc to the brake handle switches. When you engage either brake handle you send power to the brake light bulbs and at the same time the starter solenoid/relay. They are tied together.

When you press the start button you then complete the ground side of the circuit to the starter/solenoid relay. You may can clean and free up the start button contacts with some good contact cleaner but you need to replace the start button.

If you run the engine and then apply the brake the starter is going to engage with the engine running and simply put that's a no no.