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TaoTao 110cc Issues

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TaoTao 110cc Issues

Chris04626 Chris04626
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/15/12
02:37 PM

I bought a 2007 TaoTao 110 off fro ma local classifieds. IT was supposed to go great.

I got it home and when you start it it smokes for a bit then settles down, but if you dont have the brake on it will take off without pushing the throttle. If you push the  Throttle it starts spitter and sputtering and smoking again and stalls.

Any ideas what could be wrong? Did i buy junk?  

wolf1 wolf1
Addict | Posts: 4283 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 07/16/12
12:37 PM

well... the chinese atv's are known to fall apart. but first check the top of the carburteror the cap where the throttle cable goes through.  tighten it by hand..careful it will strip.  if it's not loose there you will definately want to put lock tite thread locker on there.  the carburetor slide cap has a nasty habit of coming off on the chinese atv's causing the atv to go full throttle uncontrollably...many children have died because this happened and many more have been seriously injured.  but if the slide cap isn't the issue then look at the throttle screw.  the previous owner may have screwed it all the way in to get it to run til after he got it sold. turn the throttle screw back down to a good idle (where it is running but not taking off on its own. but you may have to adjust the fuel/air mixture screw if it is having difficulty running. you can also pull the spark plug and see wha color you are getting at the electrode.  white or grey and it is running too lean and you'll need to turn the fuel/air mixture screw to the left in 1.2 turn increments.    black or dark brown and you'll need to turn it to the right in 1/2 turn increments.   the color you want is a nice creamy tan color..about the color of coffee with cream.

but also check for head gasket leaks. intake boot leaks (the intake pipes have been known to crack, and also they have a plastic oring retainer between the carburetor and intake pipe. the plastic retainers are known to break and the orings are known to cut and suck in too much air causing a lean condition, which makes it spit and sputter and cut out.  if you are in the chattanooga tenessee/rossville ga area, bring it by and i'll look at it for you.  

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