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2000 Suzuki King Quad: Header/Exhaust pipe glowing??

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2000 Suzuki King Quad: Header/Exhaust pipe glowing??

mwendig mwendig
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 12/03/10
07:27 PM

I just bought a 2000 suzuki king quad with 2300 miles on it.  Runs great, idles down nice, seems to have good power.  My problem however is that the exhaust pipe right next to the head glows red, even after only idling a minute or two.  

I have tried the following:
-Cleaned Carb
-Checked needle settings, 4th slot, tried 3 and 5 and then returned to 4, which I believe is stock
-Checked pilot screw on the bottom of the carb its out 2.5 turns, which I understand to be stock
-The exhaust seems to have good flow
-Compression is 120 psi

I am assuming this is a lean issue?  Which way do I turn the pilot screw to richen it?

Any suggestions would be great.  

mwendig mwendig
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 12/04/10
04:20 AM

As an update I checked the spark plug last night, nice tan color.  Which really stumps me because I understand that to mean the air/fuel mix is good.  Is there a way to test proper exhaust flow, how much restriction could cause this?  Or could it be a valve issue?

Thanks again for any suggestions.  

wolf1 wolf1
Addict | Posts: 4283 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 12/04/10
07:10 AM

usually it is a lean issue
are you only seeing this at night or during the day as well?

at night it's common on some machines.  if you are getting a nice creamy tan color then your mixture is fine.

however.... are you doing a plug chop? or just pulling the plug at random to look at it?

if you are pulling the plug at random it could be your pilot jet is dead on for idle but your main jet is off.

pilot jet controls idle, so once you stop and let it idle even for a second or two it creates the idle plug chop color.

do a wot plug chop.
get it in high gear and open the throttle full for a couple seconds...
without letting off of the throttle pull the clutch and kill the engine and coast to a stop.
then check your plug color.

it could very well be that your main jet is lean and needs to go bigger.

is your exhaust stock or aftermarket. some aftermarket exhaust systems are prone to glow.

turning the fuel/air mixture screw to the left will richen it while turning it to the right will lean it out.  

Wolf Performance

mwendig mwendig
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 12/09/10
12:30 PM

It glows during the day too, although more obvious at night.  And it glows while idling as well as under load.  I will try checking the plug as you described. I am beginning to think its more of a valve issue.  Its gotten cold here, singles at night.  

When I start it cold it starts for a second and then quits and/or requires some cranking to start.  Once this is done several times it starts to run with the choke on.  I had this issue with my LTf250 and fixed it with a valve adjustment.  I am just hoping it fixes the pipe issue too.

Can anyone tell me the valve settings?  My repair book goes to a 1998 is this is the same specs?

Also is there a way to check the exact year, when I bought it I was told it was a 2000 but I don't have any paperwork on it?  

friedmullet friedmullet
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 01/14
Posted: 01/01/14
09:21 PM

the tenth digit in the 17 digit VIN number will tell you the year of your atv.
I also have the problem of the glowing exhaust pipe
just re-worked carb and no improvement