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ATV draining battery when turned off 2000 300 4x4

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ATV draining battery when turned off 2000 300 4x4

fimtinkle fimtinkle
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 06/09
Posted: 06/24/09
06:55 PM

I am having issues with my atv draining the battery when sitting in the garage . This is fast drain not over time . I charged it (brand new battery) with battery tender for 3 days then dissconected to see if it would hold charge . Two days later conpletely dead . I put a light tester on positive side cable and terminal and it lights up, I started pulling the fuses as a friend told me but it stays lite up with all 4 fuses out .If  Anyone know how I can fix this i would appreciate some help.  

merwin10 merwin10
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 07/09
Posted: 07/09/09
02:06 PM

Hi -

It really does not make any difference what you are working on in this case battery draw down means something is on or shorted! It also sounds like something of good size draw (current)due to the quickness of the dead battery.

Now first you need to isolate the problem! Make sure the key is in the off position! Make sure you don't touch the 12 volt positive and the frame or other metal of the atv as you will get a short and a big spark.

First find the starter solenoid and disconnect all wires on the hot side (side that goes to the positive battery terminal)and any wire on the hot side of the battery. So now all there is one large wire going between the battery and solenoid. All other positive wires are free!

Now take a ampmeter (10 amps protected) and connect it in series between each of the other red wires one at a time and 12 volts positive. When you read ampage that is the circuit that is draining the battery.

Now you need to figure out what the circuit goes too. Could be lights, DC motor, Diodes shorted in the alternator/regulator or stuck on or just a short in the harness. Given the year my bet is a short in the harness!

Once you find the circuit draining the battery then you need to figure out what is shorted or on! Of course if it is a short it is going to be difficult to find! Go to a auto store and they will have a short finder about $12.00. It is nothing more than a circuit breaker that resets itself and a gauge that measures the magnetic field building up and collapsing. You put the circuit breaker in line with the shorted wire and 12 volts positive. You will hear it click on and off! Now take the meter that came with it and follow the wiring harness you will see the meter move as you follow the wiring harness. When the meter stops moving you have passed the shorted wires. Back track the harness to find the exact point to look for the short, the meter will move again when you pass the short!

Now open the harness and fix the short! A good place to look is anywhere the harness comes into contact with the chassis of the atv. My suggestion is while your at the auto store buy some plastic wire loom (the kind that is split)and a hand full of 8 inch wire ties and some electrical tape. Once you fix the short place the harness in the loom and wire tie it back in place. This will protect the harness from further wear and shorts.

When you done put all the wires back where they came from! Then give it a try!

Hope this helps!

Mike - Tongue  

Michealwall Michealwall
User | Posts: 135 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 07/10/09
05:08 AM

Most excellent write up. I'm going to copy it and paste it as needed for other electrical problems.  
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huckjames1 huckjames1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/26/12
07:05 PM

Well said. I've got the same issue and this makes total sense. Thnx! Wink