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400ex >>460cc big bore stroker<<

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400ex &gt;&gt;460cc big bore stroker&lt;&lt;

400Crazy 400Crazy
New User | Posts: 33 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 01/04/09
11:20 PM

I was wondering if anyone has one of these and about the reliability, performance, of this.I am currently running a 13:1 piston in my 440. Head is done valves,springs,etc.Big carb,hmf pipe, monster cam,etc.etc. I have recently upped my 450r to a 470 and im in a stuck mode right now.i have about a bizzilion $$ in my 400 and not so much in my 450 at the moment and as finances go im just wondering.Should i try to up this to a 460(cost about 500$ or so from where im at right now) or should i dump about another 10 grand in my 450 to make it compaireable as it rides like crap and my 440 just smokes it... BUT the 400 is a dying machine as bigger and bigger bikes evolve and i still have some 450s (not many) whoopin on me.So the i leave the 400 for the barn and work on the 450 and beat my chest knowing i got a fast 400 or go for the cheap upgrade and try to make it faster and sit the 450 on the bench for a bit...anyone with info on the 460 is much appreciated  

jasonwayne222 jasonwayne222
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 02/09
Posted: 02/26/09
08:46 PM

how the hell u got that much money to throw around is beyonda me but if u got money like that then well hell why not.  Then whenu get bore do it to the 450 but you should go to youtube and che8k out a kfx800 supercharged.
They are awesome power machines for dragin  

Acelocker Acelocker
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/11
Posted: 07/25/11
10:54 PM

I got an 01 400ex with a 460 big bore, stage 3 hot cam. The bike has had this set up for 2 years now and i have had no problems bike fires right up everytime. This quad has amazing power and i smoke the new 450's its fun when they wanna know what the hell this 'ol bike got in it. Its just amazingly fast and reliable considering its age  

odog3 odog3
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 01/01/13
05:28 PM

did u end up doing the mod  

sbosch sbosch
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/13
Posted: 01/06/13
10:41 PM

my 04 es 350 rancher wont shift into any forward gear manually or by the push button but will go into reverse