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My quad still won't start. Please Help!!

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My quad still won't start. Please Help!!

camaro43147 camaro43147
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 07/16/08
06:32 PM

Please help! Tried everything and quad still won't start

OK. First i will start out with some background infomation. I have a 1996 yamaha warrior 350.  Before i bought the quad it had some work done to it by the previous owner. Bored over/larger piston and head work port and polish. When i got it the owner said  it had to be push started because the battery was dead. But we had to pull it behind a truck going 25mph for 5 min before it would start. And it didn't run to good after it was started.

So after i got a new battery and still it wouldn't start except by pulling it with a truck,  I decided to change the jet to a 138 because it didn't run good. this helped some but still hard to start. So i decided to look deeper in the motor for the source of the problem. I took the motor out of quad and I checked the head gasket and rings to make sure it had good compression. Everything was ok. Then i checked the timing and adjusted the valves. I found out that the timing was advanced 1or 2 teeth and the intake valve was too tight and it was causing compresion to leak.

Now i put the motor back together hopeing to have fixed everything and now the motor does't start at all even with pull behind truck. I check the spark plug and its getting good spark. I'm not sure the carb is 100% but I sprayed starting fluid in and also put a little gas in the cylinder.  And tried to start it and it didn't even make a little bit of a pop sound or anything.  So after that i checked timing to make sure it wasn't advanced/retared 180.  Everything was ok.

Also, a very strange thing was happening while i cranked the motor and gave it gas.  It cranked fine then as soon as i touched the gas it stoped.  The starter couldn't turn it over and it was very hard to turn the motor over with a wrench. Seems to me that it is getting to much compression now. I have know idea what else to try to do now.  If you have any suggestions feel free to coment me back.  Please!!!  

wolf1 wolf1
Addict | Posts: 4283 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 07/17/08
02:15 PM

sounds like the timing is a little out of adjustment.

if it strops turning when you give it throttle could possibly be the timing is out, allowing the piston to hit the valve when at the top.

also did you replace the old head gasket when you had it apart?
if you used the old gasket it could be that the gasket is just too thin, clearances can be very close from machine to machine. especially if he has had the head shaved at all.  

Wolf Performance

ChrisM14 ChrisM14
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 07/08
Posted: 07/18/08
08:30 PM

I have had some experience with a similar problem on a 4stroke. totaly dead machine - fuel in the chamber - good spark and good compression - not even a back fire.
I reset the rocker arm tappets and it ran like a charm.
Not a bad idea to recheck the timing and tappets again. If your timing and tappets are good then your timing chain may be stretched.  I wonder why the 4stroke was bored - did he dump a valve and do some damage to the valve seat?  Maybe the valve seats havent been lapped, maybe there is a bend valve stem.

I know because I have a 4stroke 160cc that dumped a valve and trashed the valve seat, needed new valves, piston & new timing chain.  I got away with an hour of lapping the valve seats - didnt have to buy a new head.

Some things to check out.  
Good Luck