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2004 Polaris 500 HO problems

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2004 Polaris 500 HO problems

khanson khanson
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 06/04
Posted: 06/16/04
05:29 PM

I have recently had an issue with Polaris and would like to know if anyone else is having a similiar problem.

 While riding a new 500HO, the machine died. Removing the spark plug revealed no fire. We were 8 miles from the vehicles and at the base of the Sand mountains. The only way out was to be towed. On occasion pushing was also necessary. This was a 1000 lb. dead weight going up the mountain. Unfortunately, the plastic on the rear rack and fender were damaged during extraction.

 The machine was taken to the nearest dealer and they informed me that they had 14 machines with the same problem. The coil wire is getting placed between the fuel tank and frame instead of inside the frame rail at the time of assembly. This causes the wire to be pinched. After a short period of riding, the insulation gets cut through and the wire grounds out.

Polaris is holding the machine at the selling dealer now and it has been 14 days with still no repair. Also the damage has been denied. They insist that the damage was solely my fault.

 I maintain that if I had hit a tree, that is abuse. If I had not tied it in my truck and it fell out on the highway, that is negligence. What we did was necessity. They would not come to the machine for warranty work and it would not run. So we had to take it to them. Several dealers that I have now contacted say that they are aware of the problem and check all new machines prior to sale. It took two Hondas and tow ropes pulling and a Yamaha Grizzly pushing to get it up the mountain.

I maintain that Polaris is aware of the problem and refuses to warn owners or honor the warranty agreement.

Has anyone else had a problem with their 2004 500 HO's?


User | Posts: 51 | Joined: 11/03
Posted: 06/17/04
10:01 AM

Welcome to our message board Khanson.

I have not heard anything about this problem, but I don't have a Polaris machine.

I don't want to knock our board, but it is still new. You might want to try ATV they have a lot of traffic and someone might be able to help you over there. Either way come back here and let us know what happens. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

David Wilmot




khanson khanson
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 06/04
Posted: 06/17/04
03:53 PM

Thank you for the welcome.

I have owned a Honda Fourtrax, Yamaha Big Bear, Honda Big Reds and others. Have owned Honda, Yamaha, Husky, Harley and other bikes. Currently have a TRX 90 Honda for the grandson, Polaris 500 HO for myself and a Yamaha XS 1100.

All were a delight to ride. Each was different. Never really had any problems to speak of.

This is leaving a bad taste with myself and many friends.

I do not wish to cause a stink but feel that the delay is too much. A contract was entered into at the time of purchase, a promise was made by the dealer at the time of return and nothing has been honored.

 My wife and grandson were on this particular machine at the time it died. Flat level ground and slow speed. I am grateful that it did not die on her while climbing the steep terrain. Remember here, no-one was injured. I am thankful for that. It could have been much worse. I simply want the machine fixed to new condition as I feel it was their fault. The old material and workmanship thing.


User | Posts: 51 | Joined: 11/03
Posted: 06/20/04
12:28 PM


Thanks for the comeback and the personal info. I too have had a few 'toys' over the years. One thing I can't stand is to HAVE to work on them, or have them break down. I have pulled too many Polaris machines (any machine can break down!) for ME to own one. The only exception is the Polaris Preditor. I rode one in Febuary at the Glamis sand dunes and LOVED it!

You should contact Polaris direct if you are not happy with the service from the dealer.

When I bought my first quad, the number one reason I bought what I did was I LIKED the local dealer and he had a good reputation.

Let us know how you make out.


khanson khanson
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 06/04
Posted: 06/20/04
01:54 PM

I have contacted Polaris directly. I first contacted them through their website. The website gives a "contact us" link, then you are asked to select a topic. I selected service/ warranty issue. Explained the problem and promptly recieved an email that "They are not equipted to answer this online. Thanks for my interest."

 So I phoned them only to be told they will not discuss the issue. When I requested to speak to a supervisor, none was available. When I called back I was told that the decision was to deny all claims and the decision was final. If the selling dealer wanted to cover any part of the machine it was up to him. The dealer says he will replace the coil but it has been 16 days in the shop and still no fix. I think they are trying to wait it out and see who gives in first.

 A complaint has been filed with the BBB. We will see where that goes.

 I have also been to the Honda dealership and told them my story, posted this on several other boards and sent letters to Polaris and emails to Polaris and friends.

 I guess the protest begins.

 It is such a shame. The other three machines performed flawlessly. We had a great time and felt it would be dealt with professionally when we got home.

 No more Polaris machines for me. And we were going to buy a new 600 for the wife too. Guess it will be Red.


User | Posts: 51 | Joined: 11/03
Posted: 06/25/04
02:42 PM


Thanks for keeping us informed. I don't think that every manufacturer can be 100% on every machine made. What sets them apart is how they handle problems. It seems that Polaris does not want to handle this. That's not saying a whole lot about them is it?


Michael O Michael O
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/04
Posted: 08/22/04
04:49 PM

My buddy and I both have 2004 Sportsman 500 ATV.  His just quit like yours.  He has a friend who just went through the same thing and it was the coil wire pinched.  He's taken apart his bike and says he can't even see where the wire goes.  I'm going to check my bike before it happens to me.  thanks for the heads up.  Mike  

dirtdog dirtdog
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 09/04
Posted: 09/17/04
09:47 PM

Yes your 500 most likly has a pinched plug wire it is pinched between the brake line 4 way block and your fuel tank. there is a bulletin on this i belive the bulletin # is ATV 03-04 the dealer you got your atv from will fix this for you if you let them know your having this trouble





Michael O Michael O
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 08/04
Posted: 10/11/04
08:30 PM

Thanks for the Info. on the plug wire on the polaris 500.  I'll check it and plan to carry a spare wire.  

Bubba44 Bubba44
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/11
Posted: 01/20/11
06:15 AM

I had the same problem only I was 30 miles back in the Yukon Wilderness!!  Also currently having what I think is a CDI problem.  The 2004 Sportsman 500 HO is a LEMON! Confused  

wolf1 wolf1
Addict | Posts: 4283 | Joined: 11/07
Posted: 01/21/11
05:16 AM

it's par for the course with polaris, they work hard to get you to buy, then they wont take of their customer and honor the warranty.

funny thing is polaris hasnt issued a recall on the plug wire even tough they are already many with this same problem.
they have had already 19 recalls since 1999, and you can guess there are more defects that they havent issued a recall on.
simply because if they issued recalls on all their defects the customers would know they bought junk.
(course most of their customers already know that because theirs is brke down and polaris refuses to honor the warranty.)  

Wolf Performance